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Useful Spanish Phrases

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I’ve reserved a table Reservé una mesa

Purified Purificado

Do you have a table? ¿Hay una mesa libre?

Greasy Grasiento

Waiter/Waitress Camarero/Camarera

Salty Salada

May I have the menu? El menu por favor?

Sugary/Sweet Azucarado

May I have the wine list? ¿La lista de vinos?

Bitter Amargo

I’d like ... Quiero ...

Watery Aguado

A little more Un poco mas

Small Chica, Pequeño

What will you drink? ¿Que desea beber?

Big Grande

This is no good No está buena

Rare Poco cocido

Medium Mediano

Medium well done Medio turno

Well done Bien cocido

One beer please Una cerveza por favor

Glass of wine Un copa de vino

Cup of coffee Una taza de café

Bottle of water Una botella de agua

Hot (to the touch) Caliente

Ice (cubes) Hielo (cubiertos)

Hot (spicy) Picante

The bill please La cuenta por favor

Cheers! (To your health) Salud!

Picante means spicy hot. To discover if a dish is picante ask, "¿Es picante?" The waiter may reply, "No es picante" (It isn't hot), or "Es picante" (It is hot) with a great big nod. Or the reply may be "No se pica", meaning it won't burn you with its spicy taste. He might also say, "Se pica un poco", meaning "It's a little spicy hot" or has a bite. "No pica mucho" means "It's not very hot".

Breakfast El desayuno

Lunch El armuerzo (la comida)

Dinner La cena

Fork Tenedor

Knife Cuchillo

Spoon Cuchara

Napkin Servilleta


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